stress and anxiety

Stress - a feeling of being overloaded, wound-up tight, tense and worried.

Anxiety - when it feels like worry or fear are out of control and interfering with your life.

It doesn’t matter how we define it. The point is you don’t want to live with it. Sometimes medical intervention is needed, often talking though the issues with a therapist is a good place to start.

Stress or anxiety that gets out of control can affect more parts of your life than you care to think about. Your immune system can weaken, your digestive and reproductive systems can breakdown, your blood pressure can rise, you age faster, the likelihood of heart attack and stroke increases and you can become vulnerable to a host of other mental and physical health problems. It’s not worth ignoring.

We can offer a safe place to talk and be heard. Our trained counsellors will listen to your story without judgement or condemnation. You may be surprised at the answers you already have within you.