Relationships can be Challenging & Tough

by Graeme Scott

If two people make absolute statements about the same thing which are different, it’s possible they are both wrong, but they can’t both be right…. or can they!? What about the picture below? What kind of relationship is this image reflecting?

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A Relationship can be a bit like this too.

“He’s just wrong!” “She just doesn’t get it!” “My way is right!” “I know better than he does!” “Why can’t he just agree with me?”

Sound familiar?

It’s possible you both want the same thing and are just trying desperately to get it but you are coming from different angles in a relationship. Sometimes we just need an outside influence or neutral party to help us realise where we can improve and how we can best handle the situation. Perhaps we can help.

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Graeme Scott

Graeme Scott is the owner/manager of Strength & Strategies Counselling Services.

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