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childrens therapy

Because Our Children Matter

Children’s Therapy is a specialised field. That’s why Strength & Strategies Counselling Services is in partnership with The Play Place to offer personalised and specialised consultations for all child related issues.

When children don’t quite know where they fit, or when they feel misunderstood, confused, or are struggling to cope, it sucks the joy out of life for both the kids and their parents. Children or families who have been through traumatic situations or are facing new challenges, can find strategies and solutions through one-on-one support with a Counsellor specially trained in dealing with children. Therapeutic group sessions are also offered from time to time.

Additionally a service is offered to expectant parents to answer questions and offer encouragement, education and support through private counselling and periodic workshops.

Children don’t come with an operating manual. Each child is different and each child has their own emotional makeup. If you are concerned about why your child or children act as they do, how they handle their emotions, or how all this impacts on relationships across the entire family – contact us for an appointment. Talking it though can make a big difference.