addiction counselling

To rationalise our bad choices, is to tell ourselves "rational-lies!"

* Life is hard, life is painful and this will make me feel better. I deserve this.
* I’m just chilling a bit. I can stop anytime I like.
* I don’t take it/smoke it/drink it/do it because I have to… I take it/smoke it/drink it/do it because I want to.

Sound familiar? The truth is anything that we do habitually may actually be an addiction. It could be porn, alcohol, drugs, Facebook or even exercise – just to name a few. If it’s driving us to do things we know we would be better off not doing, or at least doing in moderation; and if we feel we are out of control without it, we’re addicted.

The good news is the cycle of addiction can be broken. It’s not easy but it is always life changing when it happens.

The first step is in discovering what core emotional need we have that isn’t being met. Then we can start to understand what we’re trying to compensate for with whatever substance or action we’re depending on to make ourselves feel better.

If you would like to talk about addictions or anything else, make contact today.